Finally Started My YouTube Channel About Software Development!

Adler @ 2021-01-28

Hi! As some of you might already know, I've started by own YouTube channel to share my experience in software development. I've been thinking about sharing those experiences these years but couldn't really find a good time to start. Since the pandemic started I tried to find a chance to start this, and viola, my first video upload was finally here at the beginning of 2021!

This channel is different from the Motion Express that I started ten years ago. At that time I was crazy about Aftre Effects and all the visual effects and video production techniques. However, after that I got my first full-time job, and I got less and less time working on video production. Finally it got abandaned. After I switched my career path to software development, I tried to restore the channel by uploading programming tutorials. However, I don't think it was for me, and my skill was not good enough to share without making a ton of beginner mistakes. Gradually I stopped again and focused more on work.

As the pandamic started last year, and my career started to be more stable, I think it's time to share some of my experiences in this industry. The content will be focusing on mentoring non-programmer or beginners to get more familiar with this industry. Like this video at the top, it's able whether we should start programming or not.

The channel is still pretty small but I hope I can upload videos regularly! Come and visit!